Succer For You Gift Box

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Give your girls a bridesmaid proposal gift that doesn't succ (see what we did there). Assemble the ultimate bridal party squad with these cute gift boxes that will bring a touch of nature to any desk or counter. Each box comes with a succulent, a hand-poured soy candle, and a jar of matches. All with a personalized note so you can let her know how much she means to you.


  • Handmade
  • Premium Color Printed Mailer Gift Box (Our boxes are printed in color and are not your average, boring cardboard box)
  • 2.5"  live succulent - packaged with great care
  • Scented 2oz candle (Approximate Burn Time: 12 Hours)
  • Colorful matches in a glass jar (randomly selected)
  • Beautiful greeting card with a personalized message from you
  • Only ships in the US

Succulent Care:

  • Temperature-Succulents prefer a daytime temperature between 70 ° F and 85 ° F
  • Make sure to place your succulent in indirect, natural light.
  • Water ONLY when the soil is completely dry. Your succulent needs to be watered every 1-3 weeks. Be careful not to overwater as this can cause the roots to rot.