Glasses & Drinkware

It’s funny how people tend to forget that bridesmaids can get stressed out too at weddings. After all, they are responsible for helping the bride look good on her big day. With that being the case, why not give her a gift that shows her just how much she is appreciated? Let’s talk about bridesmaid glasses. She needs a drink every now and then too. There are so many to choose from. However, you could just get one of each. Bridesmaid wine glasses are a cute option for the bridal shower or so she can relax at home and be tipsy. You can get it personalized with your name and wedding or bridal shower date. However, why not make them special by having each bridesmaid her name personalized on her own glass? You will definitely get a kick out seeing them get together and show appreciation for the gift. They probably will be a bit loose at the reception thanks to you. Since this is the best idea to go with, you do not have to wonder if she will like it. Just wrap the glasses up neatly and place them in a decorative bag with a bottle of wine. Watch your bridesmaid's eye light up when they see what you have gotten them. Another cool gift idea are wedding shot glasses. Now you have clearly outdone yourself here. Just imagine how cool it would be to see your friends get their gifts and go one by one to each bottle of whiskey at the reception taking a shot. That would be funny to watch. You could also get bridesmaid champagne glasses. These glasses will strictly be for the bridesmaids when they get ready to toast you and afterwards get to keep. Because there will be bubbly all over the place, she can test how much alcohol she can hold down with her glass. Bridesmaid champagne flutes are another option. These are a bit more sophisticated and sleek. You are definitely making them feel special with a glass of this calibur. If they have a flute personality this wine glass will definitely fit them perfectly. Your choice of bridesmaid wine glasses will be a hit at the bridal shower or the big day. As mentioned before, you could be unique and get them one of each. Either way, you will make your wedding a special day to remember.