M.O.B. Candle

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Give the woman who means the most to you something to remind her how important she is to you. I'm not crying, you are crying....shes definitely crying. On a day shes probably dreamed of since she held you in her arms, remind her you will love her forever with this candle that it gets it just right. Handmade from all-natural soy show your mom your love and appreciation with a scent she will love.


  • Handmade
  • Wax type: all-natural Soy
  • 3.5"
  • phthalate-free


☆ Honeycrisp Apple
Smells like a bite of a juicy apple with notes of apple, apple tree, and orchard air

☆ Grapefruit & Mint
Main notes of grapefruit and mint mix with rhubarb and apple to create a fruity, fresh scent

☆ French Lavender
Notes of lavender, cedar, and bergamot

☆ Clean Cotton
Notes of cotton blossom, violet, ozone, and apple to make a scent reminiscent of fresh laundry

☆ Pink Magnolia & Peony
A fresh medley of magnolia, peony, and freesia

☆ Wedding Cake
A sweet blend of sugar, buttercream, and vanilla

☆ Ocean Breeze
A mix of ocean air, citrus, and floral notes

☆ Sandalwood Vanilla
A blend of sandalwood, musk, and amber with subtle middle notes of jasmine

☆ Pine & Cypress
A foresty mix of pine, cypress, and eucalyptus

☆ Hazelnut Coffee
A blend of strong coffee, hazelnut and a hint of vanilla


☆ Estimated Burn Time: up to 55 hours

☆ Height: 3.5 inches - Diameter: 3.125 inches

☆ 10.5 oz net weight