Bags & Totes

You’ve met your person, you’re finally engaged, and you’re planning the big day. You wouldn’t dream of getting hitched without your girls close by, and you need the perfect way to invite them to be part of your special day. Women are far from one-size-fits-all, which means you need to be able to customize your bridesmaid gifts to match each lady’s individual personality. Fortunately, bridesmaid tote bags, bridesmaid gift bags, and even cheap tote bags can be personalized for free through Bridebop. Initials, monograms, and various color combinations serve to personalize your tokens of affection for all of the women near and dear to you. Bridesmaid clutches are a cute, practical option to traditional bridesmaid tote bags. Your girls can even use them to carry essentials in style at your wedding. Cute makeup bags help to house all of the glitz and glam that goes into primping before the ceremony, and custom canvas tote bags will perfectly accommodate flip flops for the reception, so that you can ditch those heels… and fast. (They may look stellar for pictures, but who wants to be stuck in them all day or night?) Let’s be real, you have a lot of special people in your life. In order to accommodate everyone with classy gifts, Bridebop provides a wide variety of cheap totes in stylish patterns. Silhouettes vary based on particular styles. Colors and even strap styles vary to include longer, over-the-shoulder variations and dual carrying handles for when that bag is filled to the brim. Bridesmaid bags are a great way to combine fashion and functionality. Your girls will know that you thought about each of them, and they will all be thrilled to have a little extra support for carrying sleepover accessories to and from your bridal suite the night before the big celebration. You might even consider stashing a bottle of champagne in a tote to add a little bubbly to the festivities. Regardless of your wedding's intricacies, colors, and details, Bridebop bridesmaid bags are the perfect addition to your wedding process. Enjoy selecting them for your beloved girls, and enjoy all that the day has to offer.