15 Unique Bridesmaid Gifts for Your Bride Tribe

by Chris Bajda January 24, 2022

Listen up ladies. No bridesmaid wants to receive the same gift from two completely different weddings. It’s basically the golden rule of bridesmaid gifting. That is why it is so important that you give your closest friends a creative and unique bridesmaid gift that will set your special celebration apart from any other wedding.

We understand how difficult it can be to express your unimaginable gratitude and thanks to your most special group of girls. To be fair, your special day would not be able to happen if it were not for your god sent angels. It is important to show this thanks while still being creative and unique to your celebration. Luckily, we live in a world with extremely creative minds, incredible developmental technologies, and most importantly…the internet. With this in mind, we did the leg work of searching the vast web to find our 15 unique bridesmaid gift ideas that will have your bridesmaids talking about your awesome gifts for years to come!

1. Engraved Puzzle Piece Keychain 

    You and your best friends are connected in so many different ways. This Puzzle Piece Key Chain is a small but strong reminder that you and your bridesmaids are small pieces alone, but when put together you are part of a much bigger picture.

     2. Wine Label “Thank You For Being My Bridesmaid”

    This “Thank You For Being My Bridesmaid” Wine Label serves as the perfect toasting wine to give the ultimate thanks and gratitude that your precious bridesmaids deserve.

     3. My Cup of Tea 

    These cute and quirky mugs can put a fun and creative twist your bridesmaid gifts. Have your special group of girls think of you and your special day every time they are enjoying their morning coffee. The My Cup of Tea is perfect for a simply, but fun and affordable gift to show your appreciation to your bride tribe. 

     4. Name Ring 


    You won't be the only one getting an awesome, and adorable ring if you choose to give your bridesmaids this beautiful Name Ring. This thoughtful and unique gift will let your girls walk away from your special day with a ring of their own, without showing up yours of course.

    5. Bridesmaid Definition Candle

    Let your bridesmaids know just how truly their characteristics and qualities define what it really means to be a bridesmaid with the Definition of a Bridesmaid Candle


     6. Minimergency Kit

      Anything…and I mean anything, can happen on your Wedding Day. Make sure your Bride Tribe is ready to tackle any possible bump in the road to assure that your special day goes smoothly, not just for you, but for your bridesmaids as well. The Minimergency Kit will have you prepared to overcome literally any possible obstacle.

       7. Bangle Flask

      This sneaky little guy is perfect for trying to bypass your special drink into any venue that may not allow outside beverages. The Bangle Flask is perfect for you and your bridesmaid to crash any neighboring wedding parties in anticipation to your own. This sneaky and convenient flask will help you keep your liquid courage up no matter where the night takes you.

       8. Build Your Own Gift Box

        This cute and modern looking Git Box is perfect for those of you who can’t decide on just one simple gift for your Bridesmaids. After all, they do deserve the world. Choose from countless different types of goodies to stuff this Gift Box and give your girls a gift you know they deserve.

         9. Monogrammed Phone Case

        Name one person you know under the age of 65 that does not have a smart phone. Go ahead, I’ll wait. The truth is, it’s almost impossible to live day to day without a smart phone. You can’t go wrong by getting your bridesmaids a personalized Monogrammed Phone Case. Give them a gift you know they need and you know looks flawless!

         10. Wine Samples

        I know one of the hardest decisions I have to make for events and parties is what wine to choose for the occasion. It is also tough when they keep introducing more types of wines. Eliminate all those tricky problems by getting your Bridesmaids these Wine Samples. These samples allow you to 9 different wines in sampler sizes to help pick and choose your likes and dislikes. These samples are also great for trying to get your friends to love your favorite wine just as much as you do!

         11. Succulent Subscription

        Perfect for your outdoorsy and nature loving kind of girls, the Succulent Subscription will send your Bridesmaids aesthetically pleasing indoor plants once a month every month. What’s better than giving your Bridesmaids a thank you gift once right after your special day? Giving them one once a month. They’ll think of you and recognize your appreciation every time the Succulent Subscription package shows up on their door. 

         12. “Hunky Dudes” Coloring Book

          Have you and your Bridesmaids go back to careless, stress relieving hobby like coloring on coloring books with the “Hunky Dudes” Coloring Book. This will put a mature and pleasing twist on that childhood craft that will wind you down and relax you while still being able to lallygag over some hunky dudes.

           13. No Ugly Crying Handkerchief


          It’s pretty much a given there are going to be some tears shared between you and your Bridesmaids. Why not give them a gift that will prepare them for the inevitable tears while preventing those tears from running down your makeup. No Ugly Crying Handkerchief is a fun but sentimental gift that your Bridesmaids can appreciate. Share a meaningful moment while you and your best friends are on the alter while still being able to look good for the post-ceremony pictures!

           14. In Home Bridal Party Massages

          Perfect for the obligatory stress relieving, tension free, spa day that has almost become tradition in bridal parties, In Home Bridal Party Massages can bring in highly trained professional massage therapists to come into your home and give you and your special girls to relaxing spa day they deserve. Treat your girls right and help them get all the tension off their shoulders from helping plan and execute your perfect day!

           15. Chakra Bath Salts

          Bath bombs and Bath Salts are the new thing when it comes to in-home spa treatment these days. With Chakra Bath Salts, give your girls a set of different bath salts that will help cleanse and relax your girls and help them feel fresh and energized to attack all the bridesmaids duties that lay ahead.

          If you’re still wondering where to get unique bridesmaid gifts be sure to check out our site where you can have them personalized and shipped directly to your door.





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