19 Best Floral Bridesmaid Robes to Flaunt This Wedding Season

by Athisham Ulhaq September 10, 2022

Floral bridesmaid robes are one of the most popular wedding colors, so it is no surprise that you can find almost any color or style in this particular wedding fashion item.

Although they may be pricier than other types of bridesmaid robes, there are many benefits to choosing this flattering style for your maids on your big day.

Look at some of the 19 best floral bridesmaid robes available today!

1. Morforu Bridesmaid Silky Satin

This Morforu Bridesmaid Silky Satin is perfect for brides and their maids! It is available in various colors, from light pastels to vibrant jewel tones.

It is made of luxurious satin with floral embroidery on the front. The robe has a lovely wide waistband that you can tie in the front.

2. Peony Floral Silk Bridesmaid

A stunning addition to any wedding party, the Peony Floral Silk Bridesmaid robe is perfect for showing your best girls some love and sartorial appreciation.

A cozy layer of silk belted robe featuring an elegant print of peonies in bloom and three-quarter sleeves. It is the perfect choice for anyone who wants their bridal party to look radiantly beautiful on their big day.

3. Short Satin Robes

The designer gowns for bridesmaids are the perfect way to flaunt your style on a special day.

You will feel like a princess in one of these flowing Short Satin Robes, and you will be so happy you made a choice when you are celebrating with your friends and family later.

4. Red & White Floral Bridesmaid Robes

These Red & White Floral Bridesmaid robes are stunning, adding just the right amount of elegance to any bride's day.

The flowing fabrics complement one another while being simple enough for everyday wear.

A pair of simple pumps or sandals will be all that is needed with these gorgeous bridesmaid robes.

5. BABEYOND Long Floral Bridesmaid

The Babeyond Floral Long Floral Robe is a favorite among customers for bridesmaids and everyday women.

The floral print comes in so many beautiful shades like dark green, navy blue, pink, wine red, and purple that any color scheme can match this garment.

It is a long kimono robe, so it is appropriate attire for wedding receptions or other special occasions.

6. KimRobe Draped Charmeuse

Ever wish you could buy just one robe for all your bridesmaid needs?

This Charmeuse KimRobe has the look of silk. The flutter sleeves give it that extra touch and can be tied at the back for easy fit adjustments.

It comes in three colors: pop art floral blue, floral skyway, and ancient floral branch.

7. Green Short Floral Kimono

Whether a guest or a bridesmaid, this elegant Green Short Floral Kimono is a versatile go-to. Made from beautiful charmeuse satin and designed with a front tie closure, this piece can be worn alone.

For added elegance, complement the beauty of the dress with dainty silver jewelry that complements your skin tone.

8. ALHAVONE Women's Solid Robes

It is cotton fabric, but it is not as silky as some of our other picks on this list. The Alhavone Solid Robes pattern is gorgeous, with a subtle yellow color that works well with many different types of dresses.

The flowery design does well in hiding stains, and the robe is lightweight enough for warmer weather.

9. Floral Satin Lace Trim Bridesmaid Robe

Need a sophisticated yet effortlessly elegant bridesmaid gown for your upcoming wedding?

Floral Satin Lace Trim Robe has you covered. Short sleeves and elegant lace trim are a must for any bridesmaid looking for dresses that can transition day to night!

10.Royal Blue Short Silk Kimono

If you are still in the process of looking for floral bridesmaid robes, then check out this Royal Blue Short Silk Kimono.

With classic Japanese style and plenty of colors, it is a unique take on what your typical floral robe would be. The best part is it comes in many colors!

11.Peacock & Floral Printed

As wedding season is in full swing, you might be considering a floral bridesmaid robe for your squad.

These Peacock & Floral Printed robes are a fantastic option for girls that want something different than the traditional black or navy blue hue of bridesmaid robes and can be paired with a corresponding satin sash for a dazzling look.

12.Aqua Women's Short Floral Robes

Lightweight and comfortable, these Aqua Short Floral Bridesmaid Robes are perfect for ladies looking for a less cumbersome ensemble.

They are available in multiple colors and come with tie closures on the waist, making adjusting the fit easy.

13.Luxurious Women's Charmeuse Kimono Robe

If your bridesmaids are looking for an outfit with a sleek, elegant feel with a little glamour, these Charmeuse Kimono Robes will give you the look of an old Hollywood movie star.

Choose this long-sleeved robe with a split front in black charmeuse silk.

14.White Floral Silk Robes

Get your pretty on in these White Silky Satin smooth floral bridesmaid robes from Vogtory. These floral bridesmaid robes are available in white satin accents for a classic look reminiscent of the 1960s.

Fall into retro bliss!

15.Litherday Women's Satin Kimono

Add a little feminine flair to your look with this fun, contemporary Litherday Satin Kimono. The luxurious 100% polyester fabric is soft and easy on the skin, making it perfect for weddings.

With its pull-on closure and washable machine design, this pretty garment will save you from an otherwise stressful day of preparation.

16.Bridesmaid Floral Silky Short

For formal occasions, the bride traditionally provides her attendants with matching robes.

If your budget is tight or you want to give your attendants something special, consider a Bridesmaid Floral Silky Short with a floral pattern. They will be plenty fashionable and functional!

17.Premium Lake Blue Kimono

The Premium Lake Blue Kimono has a comfortably matching tie for a flattering feminine look that will make you feel luxurious. The floral design looks super stunning.

Plus, many reviews from happy customers say they hand-washed the robe with no problem whatsoever.

18.EPLAZA Women Long Silky Floral

Wedding season is here, and many happy and dreamy moments come with it.

One of the most poignant and happy moments is when a woman takes her maid of honor. These relationships are for life, so why not get your friends something that speaks to that love?

Eplaza's Floral Bridesmaid Robes are elegant, on-trend, and pure silk. They will last through countless washings too.

19.Ladies Lace-Trim Floral Robes

Nothing says we are ready for the big day like a colorful, floral dress. Not only are they more affordable than wedding dresses, but they will make you feel comfortable and confident on your special day.

Ladies Lace-trim Floral Robes is one style that needs no alterations! You cannot go wrong with a bride in lace-trim-the intricate detailing will add an air of elegance to any outfit.



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I hope these floral bridesmaid robes will help you find the perfect one for you and your crew, but please ensure that everyone is on board with the look before investing in any gowns.

Each of these floral designs is so beautiful that it might be hard to choose just one, but you will have plenty of time ahead of you until your big day.

Good luck, and happy wedding planning!


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