18 Bridesmaid Shot Glasses That Will Make Your Wedding Pop

by Chris Bajda September 05, 2022

Weddings are not just about the bride and groom! You have plenty of other bridesmaids to buy gifts for, too, so why not make their gifts memorable?

Bridesmaid shot glasses are cute and trendy but also hold sentimental value that lasts even after the wedding ends.

If you are shopping for your bridesmaids this season, consider one of these 18 bridesmaids' shot glasses as part of your gift set!

1. The I Do Crew Shot Glasses

If you are looking for a way to keep your party hopping, consider gifting the bridal party with The I Do Crew Shot Glasses. These awesome shot glasses hold 22oz of liquid.

These reusable shot glasses are made of durable plastic and have been constructed with insulation, so drinks stay hot or cold longer.

2. Heart-shaped Bridesmaid Shots

Are you hosting a wedding and looking for something cute to give your bridesmaids? These Heart-shaped Bridesmaid Shot glasses are perfect for sipping on tequila or any other drink of choice at the reception.

They will make your guests feel extra special.

3. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Proposal

A shot glass is an excellent way to propose to your best friend for one of the biggest days of your life.

Come up with a creative way to ask your bridesmaids, but more importantly, present them with the Will You Be My Bridesmaid? shot glass personalized for them before they say yes.

4. Team Bride Necklace Glasses (Rose Gold)

A keepsake from your bridal party is always a great idea, and these Team Bride Necklace Glasses are the perfect option for any party.

Fill them with whatever your favorite drink is before giving them to each of your girls on their big day, and they can toast with you one last time. Or, you can leave them empty and fill them up at the reception with champagne to give a nice touch to the bride's speech.

5. Drunk In Love and Just Drunk

I do not know about you, but I have always found these Drink In Love and Just Drunk shot glasses super adorable.

Anyone who has ever been a bridesmaid will remember these the next time they walk down the aisle and help serve drinks. Trust me - everyone loves shots glasses.

6. Bride's Drinking Team Shot Glasses

Brides are fun, and it is no secret that you want to be drinking shots at the reception. What better way to make your night, especially on the dance floor, better than with Bride's Drinking Team Shot Glasses?

These adorable shot glasses come in a set of eight with all your favorite color options and besties engraved on the side, so you know which ones are yours.

7. Bride Tribe Shot Glasses

The Bride Tribe shot glass set is a specially designed set of 6 shot glasses shaped like women. What better way to have your friends, family, and loved ones with you at your wedding than by serving them in style?

These shot glasses have the Bride Tribewritten on the side, making your girls feel special!

8. Rainbow Confetti Shots

The Shot Glasses with Rainbow Confetti offer the party a festive splash of color. They are one of the best, most festive plastic shot glasses available and even make great gifts for wedding guests.

The best thing about these shot glasses is that they come in packs of eight, so there are enough for every bridal party member to enjoy.

9. Bride Squad Shot Glass

When the groom's side of the bridal party stands together, they will clink their glasses together and say, “What doesn't kill you makes you stronger”. On the bride's side, they will say, “Together, we stand as one”.

What better way to do it than these Bride Squad Shot Glasses?

10.Personalized Wedding Shots

This bridesmaid shot glasses are perfect for your bridal party to use on the big day. The Bride and her Maids will be able to drink together throughout the wedding reception.

The bride will get her champagne glass, and her Maids will each have the Personalized Wedding Shot Glass with their name, signifying their importance in this event.

11.Bottoms Up B!tches

The wedding day is already stressful, so why not make it easier on everyone and get a matching set of shot glasses? Shots are always important, but toasting with these will be even more memorable.

These Bottoms Up B!tches shot glasses come in pink colors, making them perfect for a group of girls looking for something special.

12.Good Girls Swallow Funny Shot Glass

One of the many items to get the party started is the Good Girls Swallow Funny Shot Glass, which is the perfect gift for your maids and other female guests.

They all have the shots in their hands that read Good Girls Swallow (giggle).

13.Booze Crew Bridesmaid

No one wants to be the only sober person at their wedding. Let everyone have fun and play a part in your big day by giving these Booze Crew shot glasses as your bridesmaids' gifts.

It is an inexpensive way to get them something they can use after the wedding and something that will put a smile on their face.

14.Getting Married. Getting Drunk.

Whether you are the maid of honor, a bridesmaid, or both, these tumblers are a cute and classy way to get drunk at your best friend's wedding.

The Getting Married. Getting Drunk. Shots come in pink and white colors for any party and make a fun addition to the wedding.

15.My Turn to Pop the Question

If you are looking for a new wedding favor to give your guests, My Turn to Pop the Question shot glasses is perfect.

It would be great if you have some friends who do not drink alcohol because they can use these as their party favors instead of something alcoholic.

Along with being great gifts, this bridesmaid shot glasses also make for some really good shots (of course).

16.Wife of the Party and The Party shot

This bridesmaid shot glasses are my favorite because they are a great size, and the typography makes them super fun to give away.

My favorite thing about Wife of the Party Shot Glasses is that they are shot glasses and not traditional wine or champagne glasses that can be pricey for your wedding party.

17.Future Mrs. + Cheers Reusable Cups

These are not your typical bridesmaid shot glasses. These glasses are for both the bride and her maids to enjoy.

The bride can use them to toast with everyone else on the wedding day, and then after the wedding, she will have some beautiful souvenirs of her big day to hold onto!

18.You're Obviously Going To Be My Bridesmaid

Shot glasses are classic gifts for bridesmaids that will last forever, which is great because they are usually one of the few things you get to keep after your wedding.

My favorite part about these Bridesmaid Shot Glasses is the writing that says, "You're Obviously Going To Be My Bridesmaid."



So you want your wedding to be unforgettable. We are here to help with 18 bridesmaid shot glasses that will make your wedding pop and have everyone going wild.

These would make a great favor, or they can serve as decorations on the tables during the reception.

Pick your favorite, drink up, and enjoy yourself!

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