18 Stunning Bridesmaid Shirts You Will Love

by Athisham Ulhaq September 19, 2022

Are you responsible for picking the bridesmaid shirts for your best friend's bridal party?

Or maybe you are going to be one of the bridesmaids and need some help finding an outfit that will be beautiful, flattering, and fun to wear at the wedding?

No matter what your situation, our list of 18 stunning bridesmaid shirts can help you out!

Here are our top picks for the most fantastic bridesmaid shirts today.

1. I Sip You Sip We Sip Shirt

This I Sip, You Sip, We Sip shirt will make your bestie laugh and love every sip with you! It is available in sizes small-2XL to fit most of your girls.

Wear these bridesmaid shirts for the perfect mix of humor, feminism, and all-around awesomeness at your bridal party.

2. On Cloud Wine T-Shirt

If you love wine then this On Cloud Wine tee is for you! It is a gift that can be worn anytime and will get lots of smiles. Post the pictures from your bridal party with the hashtag #cloudwines to show off your personality.

With all the bridal party shirts colours, this shirt is perfect for any celebration.

3. Getting Hitched T-shirt

Add a splash of colour and personality to your wedding party look with this fun t-shirt. Imprinted in white, Getting Hitched is the perfect way to say it!

These casual bachelorette party shirts have a unisex cut and run true to size. Get yours today!

4. Most Likely Dance Table T-Shirt

Who wants to wear a bachelorette party dress all day long? No one.

Many of us bridesmaids want to be able to dance the night away in something with a little more style and pizzazz. The Dance Table T-Shirt is just the right mix of both!

5. Shy But Watch Out Bridesmaid T-shirt

If you are worried about finding fun bridesmaid shirts that your maids will love, look no further than this Shy But Watch Out shirt.

I know it can be hard to find fun and still appropriate bachelorette tees for the occasion, but do not worry when you have this bridesmaid shirt for a bridal party!

6. Got Your Back Bridesmaid T-shirt

Check out these fabulous black bridal party shirts with a Got Your Back Design. It is perfect for your best girls to wear before your big day!

This stunning t-shirt will bring out your best friends' happiness as they support you. The material flows beautifully with every step, making for more beautiful memories!

7. Bride's Witches T-shirt

If you love Harry Potter, this Bride’s Witches design may be for you. The bride and all of her bride tribe can sport their Slytherin pride on their wedding day.

It is available in multiple colors, like black or purple, so everyone will find bridal party shirts they love!

8. Bride Security T-shirt

This Bride Security shows off your sense of humour. These bachelorette party shirts are an elegant, classy style for bridesmaids who are just down for some fun!

No matter the taste, this is a design that speaks to you. And if you need help matching everyone up with their perfect style, buy it today!

9. "I Do" Crew T-Shirt for Bridesmaids

This I DO Crew shirt is perfect for bridesmaid guests who will be part of the bachelorette party, and I DO Crew is written across their chests.

It would be an excellent way for the maids to feel united and support the bride on her big day.

10.Floral Bridesmaid T-shirt

For a fresh, feminine look, this Floral Bridesmaid Shirt is perfect. Its floral design will stand out in any crowd while you're cheering on the bride and groom at the bridal party.

Plus, at $15, this t-shirt is cheaper than most bridesmaid shirts!

11.The One Where I'm The Bridesmaid T-Shirt

As a bridesmaid, she wants you to feel happy, beautiful and honoured and the best way for you to do that is for you to feel comfortable and look fantastic. That is why I have put The One Where I'm Bridesmaid T-shirt.

Please choose one of these stunners to rock her bridal party!


The Bridesmaid Level Unlocked is not just your average basic t-shirt. They are bringing you new styles and patterns to liven up the experience of being a bridesmaid.

Give the bride a one-of-a-kind experience with these stunning bridal party t-shirts.

13.We're The Bridesmaids Funny T-shirt

The funny bachelorette party shirts can add to the celebration of an upcoming marriage, which is why this is one of the best options for your shopping pleasure.

These We’re The Bridesmaids styles are perfect for a bachelorette party or wedding dinner.

Either way, you cannot go wrong with any of these bridesmaid tanks beauty!

14.Help The Bride Pee Funny T-shirt

The Help The Bride Pee Funny T-shirt is a gorgeous and funny t-shirt, spelling out the phrase Help The Bride Pee.

These funny bridesmaid tank tops are the perfect gift for any bride who feels she needs assistance when getting ready for her bachelorette party.

15.Tuxedo Bridesmaid T-shirt

If you are not the flower girl, chances are you have had an experience where you are the maid of honour or the bridesmaid at a wedding.

If you want something more meaningful than regular bridesmaid shirts, opt for one of these gorgeous Tuxedo Bridesmaid Shirts!

16.Bride Squad T-shirt

These Bride Squad unique bridesmaids shirts that you can order in bulk! Not only are these shirts perfect for the wedding, but they are also perfect for celebrating the bride's bachelorette or wedding shower.

Plus, to ensure you find a bridesmaid shirt that suits your group, these designs are perfect for your favorite ladies.

17.I'm The Pretty But Crazy Bridesmaid T-shirt

Not every bridesmaid needs to be blah. Show up in this I’m The Pretty But Crazy Tee, and we guarantee you will get a few compliments.

This bridesmaid shirt come in ten different colors and is made of the most comfortable fabric you have ever touched.

Get it today for your bestie's wedding.

18.Team Bride T-shirt

This handmade bridal tee is from the Wedding Matching shop. This Team Bride is a round neck and premium fabric t-shirt with a bridal party title of "Team Bride".

Wear this stylish bridesmaid shirt while celebrating your sister's or friend's special day, and let them know you are there for them by wearing their bride tribe shirt!


Spending hours browsing for the perfect bridesmaid shirt for your girls is not easy. With so many different colours and styles, this category is one of the hardest to shop.

But I have worked hard for you and found some fantastic bridesmaid shirts you will want to wear repeatedly.

Shop around and find your favourites!


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