18 Stunning Black Bridesmaid Robes for Your Wedding Day

by Athisham Ulhaq September 13, 2022

Black bridesmaid robes are perhaps the most dramatic of all bridesmaids' attire, but that does not mean they should be bland!

Plenty of stunning black robes match any wedding style and even fit your wedding's specific colour scheme.

If you want to stand out from the crowd at your wedding, do not miss these 18 black bridesmaid robes that are perfect for any ceremony.

1. Bridesmaid Woman Robe

Every woman deserves to have an excellent, beautiful bridesmaid robe on the wedding day. This Bridesmaid Woman Robe is the perfect one that will make her feel like the princess she deserves.

It is available in many sizes and will match any dress colour so your bridesmaids can look their best on your big day!

2. Avidlove Women Satin Kimono Robes

These Avidlove Women Satin Kimono Robes are perfect black bridesmaid robes.

They are made of breathable satin fabric that is soft, gentle, and of high quality, making them feel like pure luxury as you slip into them on your wedding day.

These short kimono robes are a must-have for your maids!

3. Long Sleeve Lace Kimono Robe

You can find many different brands and dresses with designers catered to fit every body type and shape.

With plus-size clothes still challenging to find in stores, purchasing an all-over-lace Long Sleeve Kimono Robe might be the best solution!

4. Feather Bridal Robe

Add a feather touch to your wedding ceremony or reception by adding a Feathered Bridal Robe.

The long and voluminous veil complements the body-hugging dress and is an elegant way to transform any bridesmaids into gorgeous goddesses for the day.

5. Fur Trim Silky Kimono

It is not easy finding the perfect black bridesmaid robe that you and your friends can all agree on, but it becomes much simpler when you realize that black is a universal colour.

If your wedding has a sophisticated, formal vibe, look no further than this Fur Trim Silky Kimono with Bow Tie Belt!

Plus, this long-sleeved silk kimono features sheer sleeves.

6. Aranmei Women's Lace Trim Satin Robe

If you are looking for something a little different than the standard black bridesmaid robe, this Aranmei Women's Lace Trim Satin Robe is a great option.

The satin fabric of these stylish black robes will elegantly frame your face and make it hard to take your eyes off.

7. Women's Ruffle Hem Belted Satin Kimono

The perfect clothing to wear at a wedding is hard to find. There are so many options and styles of dresses, but that can make the decision even more daunting.

But do not fret! This Women’s Ruffle Hem Belted Kimono will work with any dress and can be easily styled in any way you choose.

8. Short Sleeve V Neck with Pockets

The best part about this dress is that it is lightweight and perfect for a wedding day. The short sleeves are adorable, and there are pockets to keep your phone handy.

This Short Sleeve V Neck dress will suit any body type, no matter what size you are looking for in a robe. It can go from fancy to casual with just a few adjustments.

9. SIORO Woman’s Bridesmaid Robe

SIORO's collection of black bridesmaid robes offers a feminine twist on traditional formal wear. Take a glance at this SIORO Bridesmaid Robe and prepare to be swept off your feet.

The designers are highly skilled at creating modern outfits that look chic and age appropriate.

10.Bridesmaid Long Robe

Find a long black bridesmaid robe that is perfect for the occasion. A long robe offers the coverage you want while still showing off your curves.

I have picked this Bridesmaid's Stunning Long Robe that will add elegance to your wedding day. The bodice of this gown is fitted, which is flattering on most body types.

11.Floral Print Long Robe

With a waist-cinching belt and long, wide sleeves, this fluttery robe will make your maids feel like the belle of the ball.

If you are looking for a long, sweeping, and elegant black bridesmaid robe for your wedding day, then the Floral Print Robe may be just what you need.

12.Peacock Feather Robe

Capture the beauty of the occasion in a Peacock Feather Robe. With elegant silk and feather print, this garment is truly fit for royalty. It has long sleeves, which can also be used as a belt.

The peacock feather design will draw attention to your feminine curves and move with you as you walk down the aisle with a bride.

13.Silky Kimono Robes

In this market, Silky Kimono robes are available in many different designs.

This Silky Kimono offers the best kimono robes for those looking to complement their wedding party with intense attention to detail and elegant design.

14.yinyyinhs Long Bridesmaid Robes

Whether you are looking for a classic white look or something with a twist, this variety of stylish black robes will work for you.

These gorgeous YINYYINHS Black Bridesmaids' Robes are perfect to suit your style.

You cannot go wrong with one of these beauties!

15.HoTouch Silk Robes

It is no secret that black is a popular wedding colour. With this in mind, it makes sense that brides would want to find robes that match the wedding's colour scheme.

Fortunately, many options are available, and HoTouch Silk Robes are one of them. HoTouch specializes in handcrafted garments created from high-quality fabrics like silk or velvet.

16.Ekouaer Satin Robes

Ekouaer is an online retailer specializing in elegant and affordable bridal, prom, wedding and evening wear. They stock a wide range of colours and sizes to ensure you can find what you need.

Many of their customers have commented on how comfortable the Ekouaer Satin Robes are!

17.AW BRIDAL Bridesmaid Robe

If you're the Maid of Honor and the colour of your bridesmaid's dresses do not quite match, have no fear! AW BRIDAL has you covered with their Black Bridesmaid Robes.

These chic pieces are perfect to complete your look while remaining stylish, as they come in various styles.

18.Floral Bridesmaid Black Robe

This classic design will make your bridesmaids look their best while keeping the theme in mind. The clean lines and tailored look of this Floral Bridesmaid Robe is the perfect style to add elegance to your wedding day.

With a floral design, you will be able to enjoy wearing it on other occasions as well.


We hope this list has done your job of choosing black bridesmaid robes a little easier. There is a wide range of prices, fabrics, and styles. Pick the ones that will make your maids happy.

So go ahead and take one off the shelf and give it a try!

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