18 Bachelorette Party Gifts to Make the Night Memorable

by Athisham Ulhaq August 31, 2022


Bachelorette parties are all about celebrating the bride-to-be and having fun before her wedding day. Whether you are on the party planning committee or are just attending, it is up to you to get creative with your bachelorette party gifts to make the night memorable.

I have found 18 awesome bachelorette party gifts that will help her have an unforgettable time with her closest friends!

Check out our list of bachelorette party gifts below!

1. Bride Sun Hat

Are you hosting a bachelorette party for your friend and do not know what to get her? The Bride Sun Hat is a great gift for your bride!

This practical yet whimsical headpiece will protect hair and skin from harmful UV rays. Plus, it is way too pretty not to wear all day.

2. I Do Slide Slippers

My favorite bridal shower gift idea is an I Do Slide Slippers set. It is a fun and inexpensive gift that every bride needs on her wedding day, especially if she has to take her shoes off for some reason at her reception.

They are made with faux fur lining, which is cozy.

3. Same Pen!s Forever Panty

The Same Pen!s Forever Panty is a must-have for every bachelorette party. Its sparkling, personalized backside tells it all.

A hidden message on it reads Same Pen!s Forever. Plus, it is made from soft cotton and lace, and the panties are comfortable and easy to clean.

4. Girlfriend Fiancée Wife Shirt Women

Give them a thoughtful present like this cute shirt that says G̶i̶r̶l̶f̶r̶i̶e̶n̶d̶ ̶F̶i̶a̶n̶c̶e̶e̶ Wife. Women that they can wear at their bachelorette party!

This customizable shirt comes in five different colors and six sizes so that you can choose one just for them.

5. Bride Tumbler Cup

Buying a Bride Tumbler Cup for your bride-to-be can seem like an obvious choice, but it doesn't have to be boring!

Add some personality with DIY glitter or a touch of color. Wrap with a quick note about what's in store for her night, and voila! You've got one awesome gift she will love as she shares photos from her party.

6. Honeymoon Travel Essentials

Give your soon-to-be bachelorette some Honeymoon Essentials for her first night away from her hubby. A nice bag will hold everything she needs and provide a chic alternative to her duffle bag.

Choose this Champagne Pink color for something truly special, so it feels like a gift.

7. Honeymoon Sand Keepsake Jar

What better way to celebrate a bachelorette's last night of singledom than by filling a personalized jar with her Honeymoon Sand and Memorable Keepsakes?

This jar is a perfect take-home gift for guests who have contributed their good wishes and have joined in on all the partying.

When she opens her jar, she will be taken back by memories of all the great times!

8. Short Robe with Gold Glitter

Ready for a night of female bonding? Treat your gal pal with this adorable party robe. This Short Robe comes in so many colors, she will love this gift!

The stretchy material will keep her comfortable and durable enough to last through her wildest bachelorette shenanigans.

9. Scented Candle

This Scented Candle is a great gift because it is useful, sentimental, and practical. Plus, there are many different options, use what you know about your bride-to-be to find one that will be perfect for her.

You can even give the bride and groom their own set so they can start living together in comfort.

10.Lingerie Set

Whether hosting a party or attending as a guest, this Lingerie Set is a great gift. It comes with a matching camisole and PJ pants, so she can feel comfortable lounging and wearing them around the house before going out.

Plus, it includes a robe that's adorned with lace and ribbon ties for an elegant finish.

11.Wedding Wine Bag

Give your favorite person a favor that she can use again and again! No bride-to-be should go without this Wedding Wine Bag! They will know you came up with an original and thoughtful gift. Wine bags are easy and inexpensive.

With this Wedding Wine Bag, it is sure to be a night to remember for the bride and everyone else in attendance!

12.Wedding Planner & Organizer

The bride has a lot on her plate and making this special night one that she remembers is all up to you.

So, whether she has 24 hours or weeks before her big event, this Wedding Planner & Organizer bachelorette party gift will not only make it memorable but help the bride relax knowing that it is all been taken care of.

13.Ring Finger Wine Glasses

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of a bachelorette party is someone with a wine glass in their hand.

Customizing glass is a wonderful and inexpensive way for friends and family to be involved in their celebrations. The Ring Finger Wines Glasses are such an adorable idea!

14.Undies for Two People Gag Gift

What better way to make everyone laugh for a bridal shower than with this Undies for Two People Gag Gift?

It looks like a regular gift box, revealing itself when opened by folding out a full-size pair of underwear, just in time for your bachelorette party.

Leave this hilarious yet practical gag gift lying around at the party, and you will thank us later!

15.Cum Rag Towel

This bachelorette party gift idea is perfect for a girl ready to have a last hurrah before settling down. This Cum Rag Towel might not be sophisticated or expensive, but it will be memorable.

These towels are made from 100% cotton and can be machine-washed.


16.Blow Job Bib

The Blow Job Bib is a red bib that even has BJ written. It is a hilarious way to give your bride-to-be something she will never forget, especially when she is getting ready for her bachelorette party.

Plus, this gift will give some serious laughs.

17.Bride Necklace Gift

Present your bachelorette with a necklace of 'Bride' so she can always remember what it felt like to be surrounded by people who love her! It is a fun present.

There are many options out there, and this Bride Necklace one will differ from anything she has received from friends and family.

18.Bride Earrings

One of my favorite bachelorette party gifts is these Bride Earrings. They are so adorable and come in gold color, so you can be sure they match your bride's personality.

These earrings would make a great addition to any bachelorette party!


I hope this list of bachelorette party gifts has helped you find some great gift ideas for your bestie!

I also want to remind you that the night should be about celebrating with your girls and having a great time.

Keep in mind that by sticking with these guidelines, you are setting the stage for an amazing bachelorette party experience!

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